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Guidelines for Students


Guidelines for students


  • All students are expected to 'Speak only in English' while in school. (We request the parents to encourage their wards to 'Speak in English' at home as well).

  • Wastepaper, fruit etc. must be thrown only in the waste bin. Students should take care to keep the school premises clean.

  • The bell before assembly is a call to go to the prayer ground. Reaching assembly ground should be done promptly and in silence.

  • Students are advised to form a habit of reading the 'school notice board' daily to update their awareness about school events.

  • Students must take care of their belonging like books, money, tiffin boxes, etc. Anything left by the students in the school shall be deposited in the school office as Lost Property which shall be given back to the owner on claiming it. However, the school is not responsible for any such loss.

  • Respect and appreciate the beauty of the classroom and of the school premises. Any damage observed must be reported immediately. Be punctual to school. Maintain regularity in attendance.

  • Maintain the sanctity of the classroom and report any damage observed.

  • Maintain proper discipline during change of periods and classrooms.

  • Complete the given assignments on regular basis.

  • In case of absence from school, inform in advance through a written application counter signed by the parents.

  • Be a keen learner, obedient to teachers, helpful and tolerant to fellow students.

  • Develop a good character and personality, observing simple rules of decency and decorum.

  • Carry the almanac to school every day.

  • Believe in simple living and high thinking, being truthful and honest.

  • Develop a sense of belongingness towards the school.

  • Try to contribute to make the world a better place.

  • Adhere to the rules/regulations/guidelines laid down by the school.


I have read and understood the rules given above in the Almanac. I declare that our ward shall abide by these rules and other rules laid by the School from time and that the same will be binding on my ward.

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