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Late Chaudhary Ilam Singh was an ideal personality in the field of education. He played a memorable part in the field of education, living in the veil of the rural area. Along with the education his feeling was to make all over I development of the students. He was born on 13-07-1927 in Satwai village, Bhola Road, Meerut. He is counted among the immortal Educationist. He is considered the source of inspiration for all. He lead a pious and simple life. He left the earth for the heavenly abode on dated 08-07-2007. He always | followed his ideals and values. Late Smt. Sardari Devi did not get any opportunity to accomplish professional education, yet she played a significant | role in educating to others. She was a true educator who inspired many to excel in their careers. Her pious image and true values are still motivating us. The implicit aim of her has always been a transformative education, rooted in the highest standards of academic excellence.

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“Learn as much as you can while you are young, since life becomes too busy later.”

– Dana Stewart Scott



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